comics • illustrations • graphic design • more!

CONTACT ME: "william­leonard­comix" at gmail.com!

you can also send me a twitter DM — @notwilliam_!


  • 100% traditional!
  • 0% colour!
  • lovingly detailed!
  • wackily zany!

i have made hundreds of comics this way for years! and now, you can make me make more!!


€125 per page

max. 3 pages per commission!


€70 per comic

max. 4 comics per commission!

please check out my archives or my tumblr page for lots and LOTS of examples of what i draw, how i write, and my general "vibes" of choice! (though i'm always looking to try new things :D) i draw all my comics on A4 paper using fineliner pens!

if you have a script for me to adapt, that would be SUPER appreciated!! even just a rough outline helps a lot >:) in any case, i'll work all that out with you first!


  • a comic!
  • the original super hi-res 600 DPI scan! (exclusive to you!!)
  • any sketches i make in the process :P
  • a thank you message in the comic, if you want! :D


if you'd like a simple OR complex pen illustration or single-panel comic art, let me know! price will vary depending on what you want + how big it is, so tell me everything!!



i can design digital posters or album art! examples include everything on this VERY outdated page, everything on this VERY secret page, or more recently my cover art for Unsold by Oreiko!

not focusing much on this at the moment, but still contact me if you're interested!


i am open to some small video-editing commissions! i specialise in chaotic YTP-style editing, motion graphics, special effects, and more traditional film editing too!

if you would like me to write for you — be it for a comic, a video script, or even a fanfiction?? — i'm open to that as well!

if you got even wilder projects in mind, contact me regardless!! we can discuss >:)


  • payment in EUR (€) via a Stripe invoice! (sent to your email, only your card required!) if you really really want paypal then Sure, but i don't trust it as much AND more of your money will be eaten by corporations!
  • i'll send you the invoice once we agree on an outline and rough layout! once it's paid, i can start!
  • once i start on the piece, no refunds will be given! (unless i am unable to finish, in which case you'll get a full/partial refund depending on how much i got done.)
  • i will send regular updates / pictures, and you can always ask for them!
  • my comics and illustrations are traditional — i can only fix mistakes digitally after finishing the piece! i'll adjust/redraw minor issues i notice, but bigger redrawings will take much more work, and might not be possible... please keep this in mind!


  • i give you the right to use the commission for any personal (non-commercial) use! only you and i will have access to the full-res file... do what thou wilt! (with credit if you please!!)
  • (if you have commercial uses in mind, let me know first! it's just good manners :) we can work something out!)
  • i also retain any rights i have to the commission! i may display it on my own pages or use it to promote myself! (though i may also choose not to.)

(last updated june 17, 2022!)