y'know, i'm just bloggin' my life away, y'know? shout out to all them bloggers you know what i'm sayin'?


here are social media links etc! there aren't a lot of them, but i try to stay "updated" when i can!
if you contact me then i will probably answer you, except when i don't!

  • TWITTER: @notwilliam_

    but of course! here i post links to new videos, pictures of comics etc that i make, and so on! i am not one to "retweet" things, but will leave a "like" in appreciation. good way of getting info of new stuff, immediately as i make them! (unless i am late!)

  • RATEYOURMUSIC: williamleonard

    i rate my music here! along with the occasional review. i don't hang out in the forums, but leave a comment in my "comment box" (or message me)! i am always happy to discuss cool music, and i'm always looking for new weird stuff :D you may also see me leaving very unpopular opinions on many releases' comment sections!

  • SOUNDCLOUD: itswilliamleonard

    you know, the music sharing place! i sometimes share music here. a like or a repost (or, for the purest of souls, a comment) on my songs is very much appreciated! i will love you probably 20% more if you do that.

  • TUMBLR: itswilliamleonard

    my old art blog! i don't really use this anymore though, because trying to upload images to tumblr has become a real hassle! but you can trawl through the Archives and find some choice proto-william works...

  • CURIOUSCAT: williamleonard

    here's where you can ask me questions, about basically anything! i will answer all of them and you'll see my responses on my profile! that is how this site works. no question is too stupid (unless it is, in which case i may not answer it!)


    i use discord the most out of anything else probably! it is awesome. but i don't post my tag publicly because i am not a fan of getting potentially inundated with messages! so you'll have to ask me privately using one of the social medias listed above (and i will also have to know who you are because otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of keeping it private!) i'm terrified of DMs so just invite me to your server or something! we can hang out >:)


    i have one, i guess! but i have never used it, because i hate facebook and never want to use it. not much use in posting it here then! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯