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this is a comprehensive list and catalogue of all of my YTPs! (released on the 'william_' channel - no alt account videos!)

each video also comes packaged with commentary by me! you may learn some things about how (and why) i made them...



The Inbetweenies Are Accosted By A Fish-Like Substance

august 31, 2014

  • my first ytp uploaded to my channel wasn't really MEANT to be my first, it just kinda worked out that way. oh well!
  • i had started making youtube poops in the summer of 2014. i'd wanted to make videos for a while - i had recently gotten back into watching ytps thanks to rediscovering awful fawful's channel, and i'd gotten a cracked copy of sony vegas 11 and some spongebob episodes (which i had to download in a very convoluted way from some obscure cartoon streaming site) and rebranded my old shitty animation channel as a ytp channel. while on vacation in the south-west coast of ireland, i was very bored one day and decided to crack open my laptop (which i had of course decided to bring) and just mess around a bit. thus was born my very first youtube poop, which i retroactively named "The Curse of the Flying Futchman." it was really just me fucking around with random effects and swapping bits of audio etc, because it was my first attempt at editing videos in general. but idk, i guess i must've been proud of it then!
  • unfortunately this original, "actual" first ytp will probably never see the light of day, because i couldn't (and still can't) upload it to youtube. it kept getting copyright-detected! eventually i decided to just try making another spongebob ytp and hope for the best. i made a couple of others, and yeah neither of them succeeded in getting past viacom's mega-army of super-trained autodetection bots. which was disconcerting! i needed some other source to use - one that, probably, wouldn't get copyright-detected.
  • thankfully this sign from the heavens came not too long after, when we drove down from our rented vacation cottage to my cousins' house. when i came in, they were all crowded in front of the tv, watching 'the inbetweeners'. i joined in and thought 'hmm this is funny' and resolved to download the episode we were watching and mess around with it. thus was born my very first "successful" youtube poop, this one!
  • you will notice the title and description mention that this ytp is 'unfinished'. i don't know what exactly i was hoping to achieve by posting some half-finished 'preview' of a ytp instead of just waiting until it was finished before uploading it, but since posting unfinished previews is the only thing i ever do nowadays, perhaps past-me was more prescient than that for which i give him credit :O anyway it was never finished beyond that point, sorry.

Crabby McSweatPants Saw It First

september 7, 2014

  • so i had successfully kickstarted my ytp career at this point - i made a second video, which i am not going to talk about because it's really not good and i want to forget it ever existed - but i still had yet to successfully upload a spongebob ytp. i didn't know why my ytps kept getting taken down while, say, fawful's were able to stay up (this was before like half of her ytps got taken down lmao). but then i realised: hey, if you just add a shitton of effects (like fawful does), perHAPS it won't be easy to detect! this made sense to my thirteen-year-old brain, so i created this clusterfuck.
  • i don't think a single shot goes by without some effect being added to it, which (while not being exactly cupoficewater1-level) is i guess impressive. it's definitely an interesting dada-esque style - these effects aren't being added for much of any reason other than that i felt there had to be SOMETHING there, so i was just picking shit at random. the shot of mr. krabs crashing into realistic!twilight (which i stole from dA, idk from who though, apologies!) was i think my first attempt at masking! which i quickly got exhausted by, so that's why the mask kinda gives up halfway through. (but then it looks like mr krabs is falling through a hole, which does kinda look cool.)
  • i mean overall there's not much to write about it, it's pretty short. oh well! the good news is that it successfully uploaded, which meant my solution worked! so i ended up using this style for a good few videos afterwards.

ɗσ ησт cσƖƖєcт ②⓪⓪ ɗσƖƖαяѕ

september 16, 2014

  • weeeird title!! i am pretty sure you can tell that inbetween making these last two videos, i discovered the videos of linkondrugs. his brand of psychedelic madness went even further than i had ever seen before in youtube poop, so i was determined to try my hand at making something just as strange. which i guess amounted to... making the title all weird? and doing a strange 3d sequence at the start of the ytp. that's it though.
  • the 3d sequence (if i may expertly segue for a bit) was all done in sony vegas. i learned how to make 3d scenes using the 'source alpha 3d' layer style, and set about creating + animating a little box-esque set, using images i had lying around. the glitchy cartoony picture on the left and right was my youchew avatar at the time! i made it using a drawing by troy wagner.
  • again, this video is mostly just weird effects spamming, but i tried putting in a few pseudo-jokes here and there! like "you are a real- (raspberry)". i feel like my original focus on just effects probably explains why i was shit at coming up with jokes for my videos until like the year after. but it's okay, i forgive past-me.
  • i consider this a bit of a 'sequel' to the last video, because:
    1. they were made consecutively and have a similar style;
    2. they use the same episode as a source; and
    3. this video picks up where the first left off in the episode.
    (now that i think about it, i don't really know why i didn't just combine the two.)

ytp filler: question of the century

september 20, 2014

  • let me tell you about 'quizone', the greatest kids' quiz show that's been erased from time ever since. it ran on RTÉ for like a few years when i was a kid, and it involved three teams of kids being asked a question, then sending one 'runner' from their team to race alongside the others in a giant play area. (with like the cushiony walls and slides and stuff.) then when they finish they get the answer from their team through a video link, and whoever gets there first has to answer the question first. it was very fun. unfortunately it ended and was quietly scraped from existence - originally you could watch episodes on the official site, but that was taken down and i hadn't saved any. so i was very sad for a while and, try as i might (even with all my thirteen-year-old internet detectiving prowess) couldn't find any trace of it.
  • that is, UNTIL i found that one of my favourite episodes of the show had been uploaded to youtube (from a VHS recording) by one of the episode's contestants! naturally, i danced a small jig around my room in excitement and downloaded the episode. then i thought 'well i have the episode now, i may as well make a ytp thing out of it!' but i reasoned that just a quiz show would be kinda boring material (and seemed vaguely dathings-y to me, which was a style i wanted to avoid at the time), so i decided to make a video using the tv channel hosts talking before the program started.
  • the resulting ytp kinda just sucks. but hey at least you now have a rad story!

Spazzward and the Eternal Night Shift

october 3, 2014

  • my first big-ish ytp! and the first one that i really felt proud of. it's mainly just the same effects spamming of earlier videos (with fewer jokes :P) but expanded upon a bit, with yet more masking experimentation too.
  • speaking of effects, you may notice a couple of scenes (such as 'well fine if you don't want my MONEY') look rather strange and glitchy. these scenes were, in fact, the result of a sony vegas 11 glitch! if you used the default sony 'chroma key' effect, and set the blur to a really small number, you got this weird glitched chroma key that doesn't fit at all. i liked it (and knew the bug would probably cease to exist sooner or later) so i decided to forever preserve it in a video!
  • this ytp includes a super savage sam pepper ROAST. haha remember that guy? me neither. from then on i refused to make my videos 'topical' in any way by inundating them with such needless references, to guarantee their timelessness as well as my dignity.
  • this was actually my SECOND 'graveyard shift'/'squid's day off' ytp! the first one was, you guessed it, one of my original spongebob ytps that kept getting taken down. i think i reused a couple of the original video's jokes here. one of the few upsides to making a video you're never allowed to show anyone is that you can just blatantly reuse parts of it without anyone knowing! >:D
  • i'd consider this video to be the last of my "early period", where all i was using was a shitton of default vegas effects. after this video i got BCC 7, and as a result the rest of my œuvre has a wholly different feel. i definitely think i've improved on all fronts at editing, but i still look back with fondness on these first few videos! they are unsullied by perfectionism and untainted by later established conventions.

ytp intermission: coffee break

october 11, 2014

  • my first video using BCC plugins, though it's veeery hard to notice. i think i only use them like twice, and very subtly. whatever this video is still an utter masterpiece
  • the original source is an old advertisement for folgers coffee i found while browsing around on the internet archive. i think i went there with the intention of finding an interesting old-fashioned live-action source. using animated stuff is fun, but you gotta diversify sooner or later!
  • i don't think i had any intention of turning 'BAD' into a running gag while making this, i just thought it was a pretty funny line. running gags are strange like that. oftentimes you might get a sudden urge to reuse this one wacky phrase or object you included five videos ago, and thus a catalyst for an ever-descending spiral of self-reference is created. oh well, i love the idea of running gags across videos anyway. it's fun!
  • i believe this also contains the first use of strong language in any of my videos! i found that looping a sliver of dialogue from one of the women made it sound like she was saying 'fuck, fuck, fuck...' but it was subtle enough that i decided to include it. back in the day i was wary of using strong language of any kind in my youtube videos, lest my parents find out. nowadays i'm an 'adult' and thus don't really have any reason to give a shit, but still i consider it a bit of a cop-out if you don't have a clever joke to make out of it. i prefer to be more creative with my gags! therefore my videos are still mostly 'kid-friendly', whatever that means.
  • this is probably one of my simplest videos, but that's fine. i admire ytpers who can do a lot with a little, and i'd like to try out this kind of simpler style in the future!

disco squidward dances with a cash register for 15 seconds while i play aphex twin music

october 11, 2014

  • i'm commenting on this video mostly as a joke lol, there's really nothing happening here! just 15 seconds of a slowed-down psyched-up shot of squidward banging a cash register on his desk, set to aphex twin's 'bbydhyonchord'. (yes i spelled that from memory.)
  • though i think this is also important retroactively, as kind of the first glimpse of the more psychedelic style i would adopt for my next ytp - so i guess like a trailer? let's call it a trailer, that makes it seem more interesting!
  • one thing i do remember about the editing process is that sony vegas crashed constantly, due to there being SO MANY effects layered atop one another. have i mentioned yet how utterly shit my old laptop was? you will hear a lot more complaints in this vein as we progress.

The Fantabulastical Adventures of SpongeKnob

october 30, 2014

  • this is still the longest main ytp i've ever made - four minutes and thirty seconds, oh my! in fact the original version of this ytp was even longer by like thirty seconds - but i had to cut a scene due to it getting copyright-detected. i've reuploaded it on my alt account (heavily re-edited of course) if you wish to check it out!
  • as different as this looks compared to 'spazzward and the eternal night shift', i think the ethos behind it was pretty similar - as in, just dicking around with effects and seeing what i could do. i've noticed a recurring trend across my video-making career: every time i get some new pack of effects, i make a big ytp just to test them all out (you'll see this occur again later). this time around though, i think the end result looks a fair bit prettier.
  • i made a concerted effort to do something more 'cinematic', as a way of making the best use of these impressive new effects. this also manifests in the form of my very first intro + outro credits! i dropped the whole intro thing immediately afterwards (with no regrets), but i'm glad i kept doing ending sequences, no matter how annoying they may get - it's become a bit of a william_ staple!
  • this video also marks a shift away from the more linear structure of my previous videos (just taking one episode and editing it as it goes along) towards a kind of 'unconnected vignettes' kinda style. for the most part my process was just to scrub through all the spongebob episodes i'd downloaded at the time until i found a scene that could be edited in an interesting way.
  • you can easily tell the last scene (from 'pickles') is pretty rushed compared to the rest of the video. by that point i was mainly focused on making the video as long as i could. in a way i'm glad none of my subsequent videos have reached this length - i've switched instead to seeing how many things i can put into just two or three minutes. it makes them more engaging, i would hope!
  • there's a bit of an audio glitch in the last second of the video where the audio loops back to the start. which was, of course, unintentional. rendering in .wmv format would do weeeird things to the audio - sometimes the last second would be silent, sometimes it would loop back to the start, etc. i don't know why it took me so long to switch to .mp4 rendering lol


november 9, 2014

  • this was an entry for a random 'gentle breeze' collab and i guess that is all you need to know!

William's Birthday Dance Party

november 15, 2014

  • it's hard to believe i started my ytp career when i was thirteen, like wow. i have spent almost a quarter of my life making youtube poops. worth it!
  • anyway i turned 14 so i made this video to celebrate! it is just a lot of looped reversed shots of characters moving, to make it look like they are 'dancing'. the magic of digital editing!
  • i have a feeling that making this video made me realise how much i love syncing things up to music! thus leading, many years down the line, to me creating my own videos for songs i like.
  • the song used was 'catgroove' by parov stelar, which i had first heard literally like three days beforehand and thought 'huh i guess i'll use this'. this was before i discovered future funk, and i was hoping to make a sequel to this video featuring a macross 82-99 song for my 15th birthday! but i never got around to it. anyway i think he's kinda shit now lol


december 20, 2014

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ytp interlude: that dance was SO REAL

december 20, 2014

  • in previous installments of the 'ytp filler' series, i chose source material by searching around and picking out whatever looked good. this time around, however, i wanted to challenge myself further - i used a 'random youtube video' site (can't remember which one, oops!) to generate a video for me to use! and this was it: "Jaime Meets Johnnie 2", by user Chongos117. i was pretty sure i wouldn't get into any shit for editing it, bc they hadn't uploaded anything since 2010 and bc copyright is outmoded in a world of valueless, infinitely reproducible digital media >:D
  • i also only spent like a day making this lol. i think the end result was pretty good considering the small timeframe though! no doubt if i tried doing that today i'd only end up with like 5 seconds of stuff.
  • at 0:05 when the cameraman absent-mindedly zooms in on the other guy's crotch before snapping back, i originally made a text joke out of it (like 'ooh man that looks good' or some shit), but then my mother saw it and persuaded me to not make jokes sexualising children. i'm glad i took her advice! (friends: do not make jokes sexualising children!!!)
  • this video was made in Sony Vegas 7, instead of Sony Vegas 11 which is what i used around this time. i got fed up with it constantly crashing and messing stuff up, so i switched to an earlier version to see what it was like. i had a lot of fun with it! version 7 is definitely faster and more stable, and working on it felt similarly fast and productive. alas, i ended up switching back after making a couple of videos, because i missed my BCC plugins too much!

Professor Spergward Draws a Pentagram Silently

january 17, 2015

  • this was made for another old collab - the idea being that you had to make a youtube poop with the audio muted on your computer. certainly a fun challenge! i think only a couple of other people submitted entries along with me, which is kinda disappointing.
  • now 'artist unknown' is a spongebob episode that i know very well (it being one of my favourites) so i was able to KINDA guess what characters were saying at what times. so i could still do some rudimentary auditory gags here and there. but i assure you the sound was never unmuted throughout!

Mrs. Puff Hears a Meme and Collapses Into a Black Hole

february 17, 2015

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Drinking out of Knots

march 21, 2015

  • this was the second of the two entries i sent to emplemon's 'spingebill collection 2' collab. this one didn't get accepted though. which is kind of understandable, as it's built upon a reference that barely anyone will get.
  • the reference, of course, being dan deacon's song/spoken word piece 'drinking out of cups'! as well as the accompanying video by liam lynch. i actually didn't originally come across the song through the video - i was a fan of dan deacon's stuff already and heard it while going through his earlier albums. (which are wild as fuck, by the way. recommended!)

Squidwarp's Time-Travelling Adventure

may 2, 2015

VIEW COMMENTARY (unfinished!)
  • there's a good chance you can't watch this! it got blocked everywhere except canada. oh shit!!! i kind of don't know what i'm gonna do here now lol... maybe stay tuned??

Bob the Sponge's Treehouse Social Parlour of Doom

june 22, 2015

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What I Did On My Holidays

august 8, 2015

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The King Visits Morshu's Restaurant

october 5, 2015

  • hey, it's my first CD-i YTP! well, not really. i made a really short one a while earlier that i put up on my alt account, and later included in WHAT I DID ON MY HOLIDAYS. but that def wouldn't stand up on its own - i wanted to make something with a proper story to it!
  • i was definitely coming at this from a similar angle to iteachvader... there's all sorts of tiny comic details in his videos that most might miss on first blush! this influenced, for example, that quick tyre skidding sound gwonam makes as he flies in. (still a funny bit to me :P)
  • finishing the sentence mix for "dammit. he must have gone to dinner" was probably The Moment where i realised this was probably going to be COOL >:) i remember it took a bit of thinking! the words "dammit" and "dinner" took a lot of scouring through my CD-i files to get perfect syllable snippets.
  • speaking of my files, i figured i should make a "QUICK DETOUR" and explain how i organised them! the cd-i rips i downloaded didn't come with a transcript OR even identifiable file names. which sucked! so i listened to each and changed the filename to the first sentence contained within. (e.g. "you're not afraid of dragons are you... - uh, o-of course not!.wav") that way i can just dump em all into the vegas project, have a look at em in the project manager, and THERE'S my transcript! >:P nothin to it.
  • the sweet jazz tune playing in morshu's restaurant is 'maraba blue' by abdullah ibrahim! (my dad showed me the song.) he's a cool south african jazz pianist! his daughter is married to quelle chris, who made MY favourite hip-hop album of 2020! ('innocent country 2') the world sure is wild.
  • really the whole plot of this video centered around the funny notion of "what if morshu sold lamp oil + rope + bombs as food?" i tried to write it like a comedy bit, with the "it's BOMBS for dessert!" being the perfect "bomb"-shell into gwonam's sudden deep-fried "SHIT". these sub-minute shorts need a LOT of precision! iteachvader got super good at wasting absolutely no time with each funny line or weird action. i tried to do the same!

Karen Blows Up Everything

october 22, 2015

VIEW COMMENTARY (unfinished!)
  • as mentioned in the video's credits, you can basically credit my boy interna as the entire reason this video exists. an avid fan of the kinda interesting slice-of-life anime 'kiniro mosaic' at the time, he organised a collaboration where you had to use it as the source material. naturally, having had fun with many a collab in the past, i heartily signed up. unfortunately i was working on this entry for so long that i'd missed the collab's deadline by a good week or two by the time i was done. but we'll get into why in due course!
  • this is like the only video of mine where i actually already have commentary for it, lol. but it's embedded in the video's subtitles, which go by way too quickly to read unless you pause. not the best solution, so i'm just going to go over them again here!
  • as much as i lament the unfortunate reality that this anime was never dubbed, resulting in a dearth of comedic sentence-mixing material for me, the very first joke in the video makes the most out of it! the original gag in the show is that shinobu (the green gal) is trying to explain where alice (the small gal) is from, and she starts off by drawing the entire planet, which aya (the blue babe) complains about. but i noticed that her japanese dialogue sounds very much like the word 'circle', which i realised i could twist pretty smoothly into an 'artist unknown' reference! this is basically the only good thing that came out of a lack of english dialogue though.
  • i had a lot of fun messing around with the OP sequence. (that's what anime nerds call it right, the OP? cool just checking) i believe it was while making this ytp that i really discovered my love for seamless, complex freeze-frame edits - inspired by the big man danfango, may his soul be forever at peace. well some of these took an agonising amount of effort to pull off (notably youko being decapitated by a snowball, where i had to basically recreate the background behind it) but it was worth it i think!
  • also there's a 'red vs blue' reference i put in there. i've never actually watched 'red vs blue' ever, but i vaguely remembered the phrase "i only drink the blood of my enemies!" and looked it up. i probably won't watch it anyway, it looks kind of shit!
  • one regret i do kinda have is putting that 'allahu akbar' joke in there - or at least making it so loud. i regard it as a dated product of my slightly-tarnished-by-MLG sense of humour at the time. if i did that joke now i would probably replace the audio with spongebob's "there's a bomb strapped to my chest!" which is objectively funnier. by the way, isn't it great that MLG videos are dead now? we sure showed those uncultured 'mountain dew'-guzzling rubes! (returns to eating daintily from bowl of spaghetti)
  • there's a split-second transition after the intro which says "moving on...". i have no memory of ever putting this in. i totally forgot this was even in the video until i was rewatching it in close detail for my original commentary. was it even me who put that in? truly the mandela effect is wreaking havoc on my senses in full force. nonetheless, whoever (or whatever) put in, it was a good idea! slightly separating the havoc in one scene from the relatively peaceful tone of another is an effective pacing technique.
  • i guess there's no better place to start complaining about the various technical diffculties i had to suffer through while making this ytp than with the very next scene, with alice and shinobu "tripping balls." this wave effect was ridiculously complicated to get working. for some reason, not only did sapphire glitch out on me, as well as newbluefx, but even BCC (which i would ordinarily call the most stable out of all of them) for some reason would cause vegas to crash when i tried rendering the video. so i had to settle for the standard wave effect. (until BCC magically started working again, for which i praised the Vegas Gods that i had scorned only days before.) for context: i was still using my old shitty laptop while editing this video, which undoubtedly did not help matters.
  • i like the idea of editing subtitles + creating new subtitles as a way of writing gags. it's pretty easy to assume that most people watching this video do not know japanese, so it would be pretty easy to sneak a fake subtitle in there. i'm glad i at least did it once or twice in this video, but i would've liked to use it more. a lot of unexplored mileage to be gotten!

Kaorin vs. Man Ray!

december 24, 2015

  • this should probably be number 14 if we're going by order of production instead of order of release, but whatever!
  • this ytp has a long and troubled production backstory, which you can learn about in the video's description - but because my previous commentary was just recounting things i've written before, i may as well do the same here!
  • so after falling in love with geibuchan's videos around november 2014, i really wanted to make an azumanga daioh ytp. i also wanted to make a grander, story-based ytp. unfortunately i had neither the time nor patience to dedicate myself to making something on this scale (and i still don't - i have no idea how 'squidwarp completes the ritual' got made lol) so after getting like 3 minutes in, i posted a trailer of it (another big misstep - i've found that posting a preview of something i make severely ruins chances of me ever actually finishing it any time soon. but addiction is a powerful thing...). then - you guessed it - i never did anything for it after that lol. i guess i just moved on to other stuff subconsciously!
  • but then around christmastime 2015 i didn't have any video ready to post (i was in the middle of working on my evangelion ytp) so i decided to scrounge together all the stuff i made for the ytp and upload it!
  • the video quality is weirdly bad, and that's because i was working on this YTP in 24fps, but rendered out the files in 30fps for some reason. so there are these occasional 'ghost' frames where vegas interpolated the video for a higher frame rate. spooky! among other things, this results in most of the masks being all kinds of off. apologies!
  • i still think some jokes here are pretty good though. and overall, i think i pulled off the story-based style surprisingly capably for someone who'd never tried it before. don't worry if you think i'm being self-indulgent here, past-me still sucks at youtube poop >:D

Gwonam Has Left in the Night

january 30, 2016

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Shinji Transmigrates Ungulaterally

march 23, 2016

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  • this ytp originally started as a much larger project - i guess my version of a 'liveblog' of evangelion. the plan was that i'd watch the show, and after each episode i'd make a quick ytp of it and upload it to a separate channel (and i wouldn't reveal i was the channel's creator until i was finished.) i still think it's a good idea, and if i find the right show i'll probably try doing it for real, but evangelion is a bit too serious and static for that kind of thing - there's just not enough good material per episode! the resulting project probably wouldn't be a lot of fun to watch, especially by the last few episodes. so i just watched the series anyway (10/10) and took like four months to finish this.
  • i feel like this has a pretty similar style to my kiniro mosaic ytp - random humorous edits interspersed with artisan-crafted freeze-frame gags - though of course now that i have actual english dialogue to work with (!) there's a bit more on the auditory humour front.
  • nevertheless - and i may as well admit this now - the audio mixing is a bit shit. i'd normalised the audio beforehand, which is generally a good practice if you're going to use ear-rape, but it's a bit inconsistent throughout the video, and there's a particular shot where misato lets out a stutterlooped burst that i'd normalised AGAIN - so it was incredibly loud - only to be immediately followed with a heavily distorted clip of their car rolling around in the explosion which SHOULD be louder! but it's way quieter for some reason. just something that really bugs me idk.
  • there's a snippet of music from DR777 somewhere in here, which i hesitated to include because the last time i uploaded a piece of music from them they sent a takedown request and i got a strike on my alt account. not to say ill of them at all! they are a very talented person and have full say over whether or not their music should be in any way reproduced. but that was a dick move and they are also a dick for doing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • that mike and brett "i WILL die!" reference reflected in gendo's glasses was actually just a clip chosen at random. i had no idea that it was actually a massive spoiler and i sincerely apologise for now making you aware that it was actually a massive spoiler. (:P)
  • the title is a reference to 'the cool war', which is probably the best long-form work the scp foundation has ever produced. (if scp-093 doesn't count.)

ytp interval: sculptorius mcgee plays jazz

march 28, 2016

  • i've noticed i often get a lot of ytp stuff done whenever i stay at my grandparents' house overnight! i made this in like two hours after dinner. i guess the lack of distraction helps!
  • everyone was freaking out over 'this house has people in it' at the time (myself included!) but i didn't think the main video would have THAT much source material potential. so i used 'the sculptor's clayground' instead! it's an excellent video, watch if you can.
  • at the time i think i was pretty inspired by fiv95's style - how they can just throw a shitton of effects in your face and still end up with a really enjoyable fast-paced romp of a video! so i tried mixing that in with the more detailed style i'd already developed for my last two anime ytps. (though i couldn't get TOO detailed with things, bc i wanted to make it as quickly as possible!)

Squidwarp Completes the Ritual

november 29, 2016

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march 17, 2017

  • when you've just spent eight months with an unfinished youtube poop sitting in front of you, waiting to be finished, it feels very therapeutic to then spend just a couple of hours making your next one. it's probably equivalent to those writing exercises where you have five minutes to just write down as much as possible. i recommend it sometime!
  • i used mike & brett previously for like a fifteen-second sequence in 'what i did on my holidays', but i've always wanted to do a proper mike & brett ytp. i mean, this isn't it (it's only fifty seconds long, which even by my standards is rather wimpy!) but it's going to happen. eventually...
  • you can probably tell what kind of stuff i was listening to while making this video lol -namely clarence clarity, dds.wmv, and the firesign theatre. i feel like each ytp i make is also, in a way, a snapshot of my music interests around that time too - whatever song i think is cool at the time, i put it in!
  • i feel like you'd be able to tell a lot about a youtube pooper's style by the way they edit mike's freakout at the end of the original video. imaperson went total effects-crazy on it (set to a metal soundtrack), and i made it explode into a blindingly bright sparkling mass of energy. huh! i wonder what someone like LOD would do with it...

Robotnik Has a New Computer

august 28, 2017

  • yes, the title is a not so subtle reference to infamous (though actually pretty dang hilarious) youtube poop classic 'The King Has A New Computer'. (the description ['i can't wait to get it back!'] is also a bit of a nod to it, with link's original dialogue being 'i can't wait to use it!') of course, this was all decided on impulse while uploading the video, as i actually had no idea what to name it up until then. thank goodness that crisis was swiftly averted!!
  • this probably only took like 2 weeks of ACTUAL editing to make. as with basically every other ytp i do nowadays, i started it ages ago, got to about two minutes in, and stopped before having to do the really animation-intensive part because i was a wimp - only to finally pick it back up months later, and finish the rest of the video in like a few days. a similar situation to when i claimed my collab with savi took eight months to make, while in terms of days i actually spent working on it, it only added up to like three or four weeks, all being pretty much just on either ends of the 'production timeline'.
  • speaking of the animation-intensive part, that actually only took like two days to get everything done! granted, i was working basically around-the-clock on it, which i never do usually (because i have, uhm, other things to do??). it was a lot of fun! with how little motivation i get to animate things nowadays, it had been like MONTHS since i last did even a super basic pose-to-pose animation. so taking on this task, seeing it through, and having it actually turn out good was a massive boost of confidence! not only to finish the rest of the YTP in quick succession, but also to take up animating again.
  • the scene where william walks forward was an extra fun thing to do, mainly because i had never ever done a perspective shot in my life, so i had to spend more time getting all the key frames PERFECT. this required a lot of guesswork and basically 0 anatomy knowledge because who has time for that? i like how it turned out though.
  • but let us not get ahead of ourselves here! making the first two minutes of this video was a lovely break away from just spending ages doing precision editing and masking at a really slow pace. while i spent eight grueling months with Squidwarp Completes the Ritual, only painting in minute detail, i forgot how liberating it feels to be able to paint with massive brush strokes instead. (pretentious analogies aside.) while my perfectionist tendencies can probably never go away entirely, i tried to focus not only on careful visual gags but also on just incredibly stupid bursts of noise and repetition, inspired by masters of the craft such as Nineroe - not just spending my time editing waiting for the video to be done in order to be happy, but finding ways to enjoy the pure act of editing itself. aosth is a wonderful cartoon for this - there's no shortage of opportunities to exploit off-model frames, or just to isolate shots you think are really funny out of context. not to sound too much like i'm partaking in a séance here or anything, but i felt working in this style really brought me closer to my ancestors in youtube poop - people who really gave no fucks and whose work benefitted all the more for it. it's an approach that i feel has been mostly shunned in this modern climate of youtube where everybody wants to be professional and impressive (myself included) - so i think looking back to that mentality is a very important thing. wow that was a long paragraph!
  • if i can accomplish one thing in the world of YTP with this vid, it's to make more people use YRFZ as a source. these guys are incredible. if you like mike & brett and have used their vids before, you will find just as many things to love in YRFZ. their vids are more geniously sloppy, off-the-wall, and hilariously crude than almost anything else out there. expect me to keep using their vids in every YTP i make until other people also do so
  • the chiptune song in the video robotnik makes was actually made by me. it was a shitty song demo i made months before, that i never got more than 40 seconds into. i ought to release it somewhere though! the shitty jpeg 'mobius' background was traced by me in photoshop in like 5 minutes. (actually come to think of it the entire video was made by me! robotnik should at least have given credit, god damn.)
  • the background of the barn interior was just found by searching 'barn interior' into google images. i think it's actually like an inn made out of a barn? i don't know. it was a panoramic image, which was sweet because i could get a lot of mileage out of it, for different angles and everything.
  • i wanted to continue the 'real life' side of this video a bit more, with robotnik planning revenge on william and wrestling control of the laptop back through some convoluted scheme (or just failing lol). but i was a bit impatient to get the video out already ("it's been months!" -me) so i just ended it when i felt i had run out of ideas, which turned out to be a really dumb place to end the video - but which i think is still funny in and of itself though! i like to think of it as robotnik getting his comeuppance by being trapped forever in that never-ending scene by william aka me.
  • i'd like to use the self-insert idea in future videos though, even as just a cameo. i probably already have too many dumb running gags in my videos already, but i love running gags - they help create this kind of connected universe between all my videos. plus more original animation would be nice
  • wait shit i just realised i didn't put the 'bad taste' guy in this video at all! oh no! well i guess i put him in an alt account video i made like a week prior, so maybe that balances it out. gotta put TWO in the next YTP though


june 9, 2018

VIEW COMMENTARY (unfinished!)
  • i started the .veg file for this YTP in october 2015. yeah that's how long i've had the idea for this series! originally, after scrapping 'kaorin vs. man ray' earlier that year, my plan was to make another azumanga daioh YTP that was more freeform, and therefore less of a hassle to plan out. back then i wanted 'azumanga adventures' to be REALLY long, like 10 mins of stuff. but nowadays i'm lucky if i break 3 minutes on a YTP, and after spending the entire school year devoid of motivation to make videos, i wanted to ease into it by making shorter stuff. thus the idea for a series! at the time, i wanted each episode to be only like 2 minutes long (khonjin style) with only one or two big things happening in each episode - with plenty of miscellaneous gags and classic YTP fuckery betwixt. (you all know what THAT turned into, lmao!) later on i'd like to experiment further, with new styles of editing (similar to what i've been trying out with 'bikini bottom adventures' but of course with a stronger footing in YTP), though that is still a long ways away!
  • so i wanted to just get the intro done first, upload that, and see where i go from there. the first, say, half of this video was already finished by the time i sat down at the start of june 2018 to get the rest done. and i finished it all in like four days! there's something to be said for the sheer increase in YTP inspiration you get when you don't have anything else to distract you. i think taking on this smaller project first was a very good idea in retrospect - i felt more pumped-up than ever to keep doing YTP all through the summer!
  • i've always put a great emphasis on quality in my videos, but for 'azumanga adventures' i wanted to take it one step further. my biggest goal for this series is to make something that just plain Looks Cooler than the original show - more vibrant, more animated, more funny, more absurd! this can be seen even in the original show's footage i use, where i've applied heavy contrast and saturation filters to bring life into the show's washed-out palette (inspired by geibuchan - he boosts the saturation in his azumanga ytps more than i do!)
  • i've tried my hand at messing around with anime OPs before (cf. Karen Blows Up Everything) but the challenge of MAKING an entirely new one was daunting. yet also extremely fun! it's a whole new level of altering the source material to suit your diabolical comedic needs. i chose 'Welcome to Vulf Records' by Vulfpeck as the theme song because cmon man if ANYBODY could make the perfect sitcom theme tune it would be those dorks.

What I Did On My Holidays 2 (EXAM HELL EDITION)

february 15, 2019

  • as with the previous instalment of What I Did On My Holidays, this is more of a compilation than a standalone ytp! the past year had been hella tough for me and i had barely any time to work on anything - whenever i did, i could only make tiny 10-second minipoops. i reasoned that i should probably combine them all into a video later down the line, and so i did!
  • these videos were made between december 2017 and february 2019, though the exact order of production escapes me now. but as well as the youtube poops, i figured i'd give everybody a teaser of all the other big video projects i'd been working on during that time! so at the end i quickly zipped through them all, channel-changing-style. hopefully this gives the average ytp viewer a spark of intrigue and makes them want to check my other stuff out - because they're also cool i think! >:D
  • the first ytp of the video was an entry i made for jimmy davis' spiderman collab, which i think i made in late august before school began again. he gave me a specific chunk of the movie to mess around with (everyone got different chunks, and then he later stitched them together into a full movie!) - i don't know which part of the movie it is bc i haven't watched it oops. but it was still very fun! i tried to be more "conventional" with my techniques so that it would fit well into the rest of the collab; i wasn't making the same mistake from the spingebill collection 2!!
  • the next three ytps in the series originated from an ill-fated attempt (i think during the summer) to make a tiny ytp every day. i was inspired by CheeChee's marvellous 'Poop Memoirs' series, where he took on the challenge to spend an hour making a mini-ytp every day for a month, and combined them all into a 15-minute video. i only got 3 days in, but i still like the results! they're much more basic in style, though - closer to dew's work, i think. i was listening to a lot of Lil Ugly Mane at the time and you can probably tell!
  • michael bowman deserves more ytps. he deserves the earth.
  • you know who ALSO deserves more ytps??? 'old news' show host Keane Decker!! my best friend introduced me to his vids and i was instantly smitten. (mainly with josh's incomparable chest hair!) if you enjoy twenty-minute shitty fight scenes in the middle of your funny youtube show content, you may have found your next true love?
  • i also include a preview of my forthcoming Episode 1 of azumanga adventures! as of this writing (march 26, 2019) i've made 3 and a half minutes of stuff for it, and i think it's set to be my longest ytp EVER. stay tuned????????? also yeah that's me at the end hi


may 30, 2020

VIEW COMMENTARY (coming soon!)